Class of 75, Reunion

REUNION DATE:  August 1, 2015

In Memory of:

Clair Bennett, Steve Wolford, Salley Mudget, Vonnie Tibbe, Ron Hills, Leroy Girard, Carol Walters, Julie Luchies, John Brink, Rita Braafhart, Vanessa Kage, Jackie White, Jim Harrington, Bob Stout, Linda Witte, Brenda Poel and Brad Blamer.

Class Officers                                              Who are we?

  • President ; Holly Dougan Shepherd                                                 Reunion Committee:
  • Vice President; Cheryl VanDuzen
  • Secretary; Nancy Huisjen                                                                    
  • Treasurer; Joy Booher                                                              Cindy (Schornagel) Sulivan                                                   

                                                                                                             Deb (Thumser) Pell

                                                                                                             Janna (Dunham) Moon

                                                                                                             Sherri (Hile) Nieboer

                                                                                                                         Brian Mitchell

...and a host of other people who have volunteered to assist with set up and clean up!

Larry Smalligan, Vicky McCombs, Tom Ridderman, Ann Tillman, Ken and Wendy Teusink and Kristi Klomp.

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